Does flashing your teeth in front of a camera make you nervous? Wit a new smile, you can be sure to crush those insecurities.

We’re not gonna lie; it’s hard to constantly worry about how your teeth will look like in the next picture, the next interview, or the next social event. A simple crowding or spacing of your teeth can be the difference between confidence and lack of. And we’re here to fix that gap.

Hear us out. 

With an average treatment of 6 months, invisible aligners are the perfect restorers of confidence, yielding 100% natural results, and our numbers prove it.

70% of people claim that straightening their teeth with aligners, alone, drastically boosted their confidence levels and encouraged them to smile more. Statistically, this makes sense; teeth come in second place, right after weight-gain, on the list of what people are most often insecure about.

High confidence often translates to feeling happier and more successful in both your personal and professional lives. Some even claimed that their new smile pushed them to do things they never thought they would do! That’s a deal breaker, if you ask us.  

With BASMA, you can break those insecurities, one aligner at a time, from the comfort of your own home. 

With BASMA, you can be sure to smile brighter and louder.

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