Press Release: Dubai, UAE

Date: 1 November 2023

BASMA, a prominent clear aligner provider, is announcing its expanded partnership network across the GCC, now with 16 orthodontic clinics in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Bahrain.

BASMA is dedicated to improving orthodontic care by combining cutting-edge technology with professional expertise to enhance patient experiences.

The company leverages technological advancements to make orthodontic solutions more accessible, affordable, and centered around patient needs. This includes a blend of direct-to-consumer accessibility and professional orthodontist collaboration.

Dr. Cherif Massoud, the CEO of BASMA, emphasizes, “Our initiative goes beyond just straightening teeth. We are transforming how orthodontic treatment is delivered.” Clinics in the network benefit from the latest orthodontic innovations, comprehensive training, and a strong patient referral system, thereby improving their services and market presence.

BASMA’s business model is designed for individuals seeking convenient and cost-effective dental care. The company’s software facilitates 3D imaging and treatment planning, minimizing patient visits and improving care standards. Remote monitoring apps and patient care systems provide quality treatments with the convenience consumers demand.

“We are at the forefront of modernizing orthodontic care in the GCC,” says Cherif. “Our partnerships are aimed at providing clinics with advanced tools and support for success in today’s digital dentistry.”

BASMA is keen on broadening access to quality orthodontic care and furthering the field in the region. Clinics looking to join the BASMA network can find more details at

BASMA is redefining orthodontic standards together with its partners.

For clinic partnerships: Offer invisible aligners at your clinic with BASMA for assured quality orthodontic care.