Straighter smiles look good, and make you feel even better. BUT that’s not the only reason we persuade our future smilers to opt for in order to get straighter teeth. It’s about the health benefits too!

Less bacteria

To keep it simple: straighter and more aligned teeth means that there’s less room for bacteria to get stuck between your teeth, which also means less of a probability for tooth decay and/or cavities! Just how straighter teeth means less bacteria, it also means healthier gums. Too much crowding or spaces between your teeth cause gums to become swollen and irritated. Individuals who suffer from swollen or irritated gums are more likely to experience gum disease periodontitis.

Clearer and improved speech

The first step before obtaining a beautiful and radiant smile, is of course, proper annunciation and projection of your words! Many people have lisps and difficulty pronouncing words due to misalignment of their teeth and improper jaw structure at times. So not only does straightening your teeth look better aesthetically but its impacts medically are a plus too!

Sweet sweet dreams!

Brace yourselves for this medical fact, straighter teeth actually help you sleep better soo you’re able to get a good night’s sleep. Straighter teeth mean that there’s less of a chance for you to develop bruxism (grinding of the teeth). You can purchase our night guards here if you’re looking for more feasible options.

Goodbye headaches and neck pain!

FACT: All facial features are connected through nerve endings and their respective bone placements. That being said, straighter teeth means better jaw alignment which in turn means that there’s less pressure/strain on your neck and the vertebrae. What are you waiting for? Let’s get those teeth fixed!

The moral here is to send out a message that straighter teeth are more than just a beauty factor, they’re reasons for better and healthier overall physical health. is more than qualified to help you out with your troubles, so let’s get in touch to get your pearls in tip-top shape.

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