Are you dreading the hassle of going to an orthodontist to get a bunch of metal wires glued to your teeth? Well good news, you don’t have to experience that in any way! The reason being?’s convenient, pain-free, and invisible braces.

So, how do I start getting straighter teeth?

It all starts with good impressions! We’re referring to our Impression Kit, which you can order on our website, or you may opt to book a scan at one of our partner clinics. You can check for their locations here. Our licensed orthodontists use your impressions/scans to check the validity of your case, if they find that you’re a suitable candidate they’ll begin customizing a treatment plan for you. Upon confirming your case, you’ll also be sent a 3D visual scan showing what your teeth would like after our aligner treatment. And voila! All that’s left to do is start wearing your invisible aligners.

Are’s braces really invisible?

100% invisible. 100% transparent. 100% unnoticeable. No one will be able to tell you’re wearing them! This is only one of the great aspect about our invisible braces aka BASMA aligners. It’s also important to note that your entire journey will be from the comfort of your own home. Forget the monthly visits and the stress that comes with planning your next trip to the orthodontist. Here at you’ll be guided by highly skilled and trained professionals, and for any of your questions/concerns our orthodontists are available to cater better to your needs. Trust that each case will be catered to individually, and that our treatment plans are customized based on case-by-case basis.

Are aligners better than braces?

Absolutely they are! Your aligners will be customized at every step to make certain that you’re getting your perfect results. Upon ordering your aligner kit, you’ll notice the numbering of steps on each one of your aligners, to remind you to change them every two weeks. In general, our clear aligners are a better fit and you can read up on some more here.

Want to know more?

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