Wondering how BASMA.com is able to transform smiles through remote treatment? We’ve got a thorough explanation for you right here… 

Before Treatment

Dental screening:

We treat each case uniquely; all our patient’s treatment plans are customized and individually designed by our orthodontists. Before the treatment starts, as part of our screening process we make sure that all of our patients have visited their dentist in the last 6 months in order to ensure that they have good oral hygiene and good periodontal health. We require all our patients to submit photos and a history of their dental health along with their impressions taken with our Impression Kit, which they are guided through either by following our step-by-step photo & video guide, or by booking a teleconsultation for live feedback during the patient’s impression session.

In our treatments, we only move the 8 front teeth and we do not fix bite problems or change the occlusion. For mild cases of under 0.8mm of crown tipping, we don’t require x-rays. For moderate cases of 0.8 – 1.6mm, we require additional information and x-rays to check the roots and bones of teeth. For severe cases where more than 1.2mm mesial or distal movement or 1.6mm buccal or lingual movement is needed, we decline them as we believe that they require longer and multiple in-clinic procedures.

Dental impressions:

The impressions we receive from our patients are sent back to our labs where they are processed for accuracy and quality by our team. We send them a new kit free of charge in case they have to re-do them. We also offer a guided tele-consultation for live feedback during the patient’s impression session. In our assessments of the received impressions, in case the patient’s impressions are still not accurate enough, we will direct them to take an intra-oral scan at one of our shops or partner clinics.

Case assessment and qualification:

Our orthodontists assess the case and we do not start any case unless we are certain that the patient is a suitable candidate. We only treat mild and moderate cases of spacing or crowding where only minimal dental movement is required.

Get treatment plan:

Our orthodontists have years of experience moving teeth using aligners and have successfully treated hundreds of cases. Each treatment plan is customized individually and is designed using the latest software technology, where patients will be able to check their post-treatment smile and 3D simulation.

During Treatment

In-clinic visits:

In the cases that do require interproximal reduction procedures to be made, we refer them to be done in-clinic by our partner doctors.

Dental monitoring:

During their treatment, that takes an average of 6 months, we practice remote dental monitoring on our platform where we ask our patients to upload bi-weekly dental photos to keep track of their progress during their aligner treatment. We make sure that we only receive high-quality photographs and offer video teleconsultations with our orthodontists throughout our patient’s treatment to monitor progress closely and ensure successful results

After Treatment

Retain your new smile:

After treatment, retainers must be worn to maintain good results and they are to be changed every 6 months perpetually.


As members of the American Teledentistry Association (ATDA), we believe that x-rays should be used on a case by case basis where there is reason to believe that the benefits provided outweigh the risks that come with exposure to radiation.


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