Straightening your teeth without the complications of metal braces is a more discreet way of aligning your teeth, but how do clear aligners work? Here’s what our licensed professionals have to say. 

Do they help fix malocclusions?

Malocclusions is a condition where upper and/or lower teeth are not properly aligned. The contact between your upper and lower teeth becomes uneven resulting in improper bites, misaligned teeth or crooked teeth, and at times this may be seen as spaces that occur between your teeth. There are several reasons as to why you might have a malocclusion and that includes:

  • Thumb sucking in early childhood
  • Injuries that result in the misalignment of your jaw
  • Atypically shaped or impacted teeth
  • Dental care resulting in improperly fitting dental fillings, crowns, or braces

Our invisible aligners are adjusted to fit your teeth perfectly so that over the course of only a few months, your teeth will align themselves to their correct position.

How will they move my teeth?

After our orthodontists have reviewed your case thoroughly, they’ll begin designing a treatment plan customized to align your teeth accordingly. This treatment plan includes a series of trays provided by Each tray is worn over the span of two weeks (unless instructed otherwise), and during this time you’ll begin to notice a few shifts between your teeth, or even spaces occurring between them. This is entirely normal and it’s a good indicator that your teeth are on their way to perfecting your smile! Aligners also have smooth edges, keeping you safe from mouth blisters and gum irritation. As the name suggests, they truly are invisible – allowing you to discreetly get a new smile without a worry. Find out more here.

Aligners VS Metal Braces: What’s the difference?

Getting braces fitted is a pretty chaotic process, from the brackets and the wires, to the little pieces of glue that are placed on each tooth separately. Braces require much more attention in terms of cleaning unlike BASMA’s invisible braces. More importantly, braces hurt! You’re also restricted in terms of your diet so as to keep the wires in-tact. Our aligners are 100% invisible, pain-free, convenient, and as compared to other forms of treatment they’re very affordable too! In fact, you can read up on 6 interesting facts about our aligners here.

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