How can your teeth affect your digestive system? The answer’s right here. 

Naturally, the main driver to a healthy digestive track is what you eat. But a nutritious and balanced diet is not the only indicator of good digestion. Your teeth can make all the difference, too.

In other words, how you chew and break down the food you consume before it passes into your stomach can either worsen or enhance your overall digestive process. Here’s how.


It all starts in your mouth

The first step in digestion begins when you take a bite of food and chew on it; this is essentially your teeth breaking food into little pieces. Breaking down food triggers your salivary glands to release saliva, which then mixes with the food particles to make it easier to swallow. Your saliva is also packed with enzymes that break down carbohydrates into simple sugars that your body can absorb.

To sum up, teeth are chewing organs and therefore play a primal role in digestion. The stronger and healthier they are, the better they break down the food you consume – and the better the break-down of food, the smoother the digestive process.

Often times, though, certain problems pop up with someone’s teeth and eventually impact their overall health without them even noticing. When it comes to digestion, there are two main block-roads:


  • Misaligned teeth

When your teeth are crowded, spaced out, or form an overbite, you suffer from a malocclusion. This means that your teeth are not rightly aligned and it can make it difficult to bite down on or chew food properly.


  • Poor dental hygiene

It goes without saying: poor flossing and brushing will keep your teeth and gums from staying healthy. Additionally, misaligned teeth make it fairly easy for food particles to get stuck in there, therefore increasing tart buildup and chances of tooth decay. Once infection, toothache, or tooth decay settle in – your ability to chew correctly and break down food will be compromised. See how it’s all related?


Straighter teeth, optimal digestion

I think you know where we’re going with this. Straightening your teeth will work out your misalignment, which will sort out your oral health and chewing, and eventually boost your digestive process. You get to hit three birds with one stone.

Thanks to our invisible aligners, you can get those problems sorted in an average of 6 months, and at a price that won’t break the bank.


How invisible aligners work

In short, invisible aligners help move your teeth, gently and pain-free, until they reach the desired alignment. Unlike traditional braces, you can take them out whenever you want to eat or drink, and then pop them back in after brushing your teeth and rinsing your aligners with water. This makes the entire process more hygienic and convenient for daily life. The best part is, invisible aligners are exactly that: invisible. Most people won’t notice them when you flash your teeth. Discretion, checked!


Long story short, invisible aligners will guarantee you three things: greater oral health, boosted digestive health, and a perfect smile that’ll last you a lifetime. How can you say no to that?

Now that we've cleared the air...

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