At Basma, we believe in straight talk. So, here it goes. 

We vouch for our service and what it stands for: 100% at-home invisible aligner treatment to straighten your teeth comfortably, pain-free, and for 65% less than traditional in-clinic options. We want to redefine dental care in the digital age and for many, this may come across as an uncertain path to take. We understand, and we’re here to lay out all the “what if” scenarios that you may come across while embarking on your Basma journey, with answers to each.

First and foremost, every step you take – from assessment to treatment – will be guided and monitored thanks to something called ‘tele-health’ technology. Wherever you are in the world, we will connect you virtually to our 24/7 care team and to your assigned orthodontist. That way, we make sure you get the support you need without having to worry about in-clinic costs or physical interactions (especially in times of a global pandemic). In short, whatever problem you may encounter, you can be sure we’ll have your back to get through it.

Before we dive into the possible mishaps, here’s an overview of our 3-step process.


Taking impressions

Taking impressions means creating a print of your teeth by biting down for 3 minutes on a malleable paste (putty) that you lay out on a mouth tray. Some of you may have already done impressions at a doctor’s clinic. This time, though, you’ll complete those prints at home using Basma’s fully equipped impression kit. Naturally, we include in your kit a detailed guide for you to follow and read carefully. Alternatively, you can watch our guided video and play it in real-time while taking your impressions.


Getting assessed

When you complete your impressions, you’ll need to send them back to us via DHL – and that’s already paid for. Once received, we will study your case to make sure you are an eligible candidate for our invisible aligner treatment. If you are, we’ll design a custom treatment plan and include a free 3D simulation of your future smile – which you’ll need to approve to begin your Basma journey. If you aren’t eligible, we’ll refund you fully, no questions asked. That’s our guarantee.


Getting your invisible aligners

Once you seal the deal on your invisible aligner treatment plan, we will send you several sets of aligners that correspond to the different phases of your treatment. Every 2 weeks, you’ll need to replace your current aligners with new ones to make sure your teeth keep moving closer to your new smile.

Now, let’s move on to the most common “what if” scenarios.


Scenario #1:
Something went wrong while taking your impressions

To make sure the process goes smoothly for you, all of our impression kits are packed with a ‘practice’ putty and a ‘practice’ mouth tray for you to try out before completing the other 4 impressions. We also ask every person to carefully read our entire paper guide before starting, and to watch the impression video guide. Sometimes, though, things just happen:

-The trays don’t fit in your mouth
-The putty you mixed hardened quickly and you can’t bite down on it
-You forgot to put the timer on for 3 minutes while taking an impression

Whatever the reason, if those problems popped up while doing the ‘practice’ impression, you can move on to the actual process with more care. If problems occurred with your other impressions, there’s also no reason to worry. As far as we know, nothing’s unfixable.


Scenario #2:
Your impressions are rejected / You need to take new impressions

Rest assured, we’ve accounted for this problem. If this were to occur, we’ll let you know exactly why, and you can give it another shot. Here are some of the reasons why your impressions may get rejected:

-The putty was not mixed properly
-You didn’t apply enough pressure on the tray and didn’t capture the gum line
-You moved the tray while it was in your mouth
-You removed the tray too soon


Scenario #3:
Your pictures are rejected

While taking your impressions, you also need to snap a few good pictures of your teeth using a ‘smile spreader’ and upload them to your account. That’ll give our doctors a full overview of your case. If your photos happen to get rejected, it may be for the following reasons:

-They’re too dark
-Your back teeth don’t show in them
-They’re blurry or unclear

In any case, once we notify you about the situation, you’ll get another chance to upload new and better pictures!


Scenario #4:
Your case is rejected

At Basma, we treat mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. That’s why our orthodontists need to assess each case to make sure they fit our treatment criteria. Should you not qualify, a full refund is guaranteed on the impression kit you bought.


Scenario #5:
You lost or broke an aligner

As careful as you may be, sometimes accidents happen! In case you break or lose an aligner, let us know by calling or chatting with us. Our orthodontists may recommend you return to a previous step while a new aligner’s being sent out your way. Whatever happens, it’s important that you keep wearing your invisible aligners, every day, to stop your teeth from shifting back to their old position.


We say it again; whatever happens, whatever the scenario may be, we’re here to help and make sure you get the smile you deserve.

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