Getting your teeth straightened won’t just give you that Hollywood look; you’ll also be improving your overall health, and we’ve broken it down for you right here. 


Boosted self-esteem

Getting that perfect smile will make you feel at your best. It’ll triple your confidence and boost your endorphins, also known as the “happiness hormones”, therefore increasing focus, drive, and creativity. With higher confidence, you’ll also be more encouraged to try new things and take more risks. That’s a deal-breaker right there if you ask us! 


Boosted oral hygiene

Straighter teeth make it harder for food particles to get stuck in-between them. Fewer food particles hanging around in your mouth means less chance for bacteria to spread, and therefore lower risks for cavities and tooth decay to pop up! Also, straighter teeth will make brushing and flossing that much more effective. 


Boosted comfort and better bite 

When your teeth don’t close onto each other properly, you end up wearing them down by using more muscles. This eventually can alter your jaw movement when talking or eating. Aligned teeth will decrease that pressure – helping you chew better and reducing headaches or muscle pain caused by a clenched jaw and/or teeth grinding. 


Boosted gum health 

A cleaner mouth makes for healthier gums, preventing the risk of periodontal disease which usually starts off with inflamed gums. Some studies have even linked healthier gums to lower risks of lung cancer! Getting your teeth straightened is sounding more and more appealing, isn’t it?

What are you waiting for?

Go get that perfect smile; there’s no more reason not to.

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