Day by day, the global pandemic is changing the world we live in. As uncertainty hits us, tele-dentistry proves itself to be the way forward – offering a safe and alternative solution to physical interactions in times of social distancing.

We’re betting on tele-dentistry to redefine the future of oral health and to provide faster, easier, and more affordable opportunities at the click of a button. Basma now provides expert insight and care, especially in the MENA region.


Tele-dentistry and Covid-19

Thankfully, with new technologies at our disposal, you can still get the smile you want without worrying about clinic visits, time wasted on the road, and extra costs. As a healthcare provider, we’ve always believed that aligning your teeth can be done from the comfort of your home – and now, we have one more reason to encourage that.

At Basma, we want to play our part in keeping our community safe, and we hope you’re doing the same while enjoying your time at home. In light of the situation, our team has adopted special and strict measures during production and are closely assessing the situation day by day.

What this means is:

  • The team is working from home and on a rotation to maintain everyone’s safety
  • Face masks and gloves are mandatory in the lab
  • Our facilities routinely cleaned and sanitized after use
  • We’ve limited contact with the product by automating most of the process


Moving forward

If you’re a current patient, the team is still here and ready to support you during this period. As our service is fully online, your virtual treatment guided by our orthodontists won’t be disrupted. Having said that, keep up with your treatment and wear your aligners as planned; make sure you properly sanitize and wash your hands before handling the aligners.

As for newcomers, you can still get the Basma impression kit delivered safely to your doorstep. Once we’ve delivered it, all you need to do is complete your set of impressions, upload photos of your teeth on your account, and send back your impressions.

Our team of orthodontists will remotely assess your case and send you both the 3D view and treatment plan for you to review and approve. Once approved we can begin your treatment!


We hope our words have eased your mind. If you still have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a call. Our 24/7 customer support is here to make your Basma journey a smooth sail to a brighter, and straighter smile.

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