Technology has launched us into unimaginable grounds. One of its greatest feats was connecting people to quality healthcare from the comfort of home, with the click of a button. That’s what Telehealth is all about and, with the Basma invisible aligners, we’ve joined that movement. 


How Telehealth works

Telehealth is the technology of connecting people virtually to their physician or healthcare provider. This kind of remote care adopts convenient everyday technologies, like mobile applications, video calls, or online portals. For every method, anyone can track their case and share information with their physician, securely.


The benefits

Speaking of security, telehealth has offered countless benefits in times of a global pandemic. It has made healthcare more affordable, accessible, and convenient for a larger part of society. Telehealth provides you with the same quality care you would receive during in-person visits, without the burden of extra costs, physical interactions, and commuting.


Privacy guaranteed

This sense of security also applies to data privacy. Online appointments adopt the same privacy laws as in-clinic visits. That’s why at Basma, every patient logs into their own account, where they can share personal information and track their invisible aligners case safely through secure portals. The content will only be exchanged between the patient and the medical team.


From Telehealth to Teledentistry

Telehealth services expand across a broad range of medical disciplines, including Gynecology, Pediatrics, Therapy, and Orthodontics. At Basma, we adopt a particular variety of Telehealth called Teledentistry. We connect patients to our orthodontists virtually, at every step of treatment – meaning we do not operate as a physical clinic. We manufacture patients’ invisible aligners and coordinate everything remotely, using strict safety and hygiene measures.


The next steps

As the world keeps growing unpredictable by the day, and new technologies keep advancing, telehealth will no doubt become the leading service in healthcare. More importantly, it’ll break the barriers of accessibility. People with low mobility, who live far from a clinic, or who simply can’t afford a regular commute, will finally get the quality care they deserve – unburdened.

That’s exactly what we are trying to achieve with our invisible aligners. We want to make straightening teeth more affordable and convenient than ever before.

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