Remote monitoring is the practice of virtually connecting patients to doctors for treatment or consultation. With the pandemic taking over, this form of practice proved itself to be the future of healthcare. 


The promise of remote monitoring

Today, BASMA is embracing the virtues of remote monitoring and redefining the future of teeth care with Tele-dentistry.

Tele-dentistry virtually connects patients to orthodontists who track the progress of treatment and schedule consultations via a digital platform. By doing so, BASMA offers a safe and effective solution in times of social distancing, at the click of a button. But many still doubt the safety and efficiency of remote monitoring, not knowing the many benefits it holds.


Optimizing patient experience


First and foremost, remote monitoring democratizes the access to quality healthcare.

In the case of BASMA, we’re not bound to a location. Patients can easily begin treatment or get a professional consultation from anywhere in the world. Additionally, by removing monthly clinical visits and costs, remote monitoring becomes a much more affordable solution for a greater number of people.



Getting remote treatment not only makes dental health more accessible. It also makes it more convenient.

No more waiting rooms and getting stuck in traffic. Patients can now automatically receive updates, reminders, and results to check at their own time. They can also schedule several video consultations from home, instead of waiting for the next physical assessment.

More importantly, BASMA uses cutting-edge technology to diagnose cases and analyze pictures at every stage of treatment. From there, doctors can automatically generate data and share it with patients. In other words, we have everything we need to treat our patients from a distance.



Thanks to such technologies, remote teeth care is breaking the boundaries of traditional consultation. It improves patient-doctor communication and relationship with regular tracking and evaluation of treatment. This frequent interaction helps guarantee high quality care.



With better communication comes better engagement.

In addition to orthodontists, BASMA has a team of specialists that offers 24/7 support to its patients. Questions and concerns are communicated and resolved on the spot to ease the patient’s mind and optimize their smile journey.

Such an active and regular interaction makes patients feel guided and relieved. Knowing that help is right there when they need it can really motivate them to commit to treatment.



As mentioned earlier, remote monitoring offers a safer alternative in times of a pandemic. With clinic visits declining, people started looking for a solution that won’t put them at risk and that will still provide them with the quality care they need. At BASMA, we’ve kept our community and patients safe from Covid-19 by adopting strict hygiene measures and relying on virtual communication. Patients can then comfortably start treatment from home, with a doctor and support team ready to help, and not worry about a physical evaluation during lockdown.

Bringing balance

As revolutionizing as it is, remote monitoring does not take away the need for in-clinic treatments. The hope is to bring a fair balance into the world of dental care by optimizing patient experience and ensuring greater access to those who need it most.

Remote monitoring can help many people adapt to the disruptive changes brought by Covid-19. It can help reduce unnecessary visits, stress, and costs. It can also encourage those who are afraid to get a consultation without leaving the comfort of home. But remote monitoring is not the answer for everyone, and that’s when an honest doctor’s guidance and reassurance is needed – all the way.

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