As the world entered a New Normal and clinic visits declined, doctors have observed a surprising rise in clear aligner treatments from home. While convenience plays a big role, it isn’t the only reason pushing adults to get a new smile without stepping out the front door. 


Clear aligners for teeth: a trend on the rise. 

After a rollercoaster year, you’ve all graduated to stay-at-home experts. You got chores done, numbers crunched, and muscles toned without leaving your house for months straight. With a ‘New Normal’ settling in, more adults are investing in solutions that match their new reality – like wearing clear aligners for teeth (also known as invisible braces) to get a straighter smile from home, without the hassle of in-clinic visits.

That’s what Teledentistry is all about.

Many orthodontic companies, like Basma, are using new technologies to remotely diagnose and treat misaligned teeth by sending patients custom-printed aligners to their homes. These clear plastic trays gently and discreetly shift your teeth back to their correct position in just a few short months. Once patients receive the aligner kit, an orthodontist will regularly track their progress via a digital platform, until treatment ends.

The perks? No more waiting rooms or unnecessary expenses in times of a global pandemic. At-home clear aligners are a solid investment that won’t break the bank; they’re 65% cheaper than most in-clinic options. You can also connect  – anytime and anywhere- with your doctor to guarantee the best results from home. Thanks to this, more and more young adults and working parents are opting for remote teeth alignment treatments.

As mentioned earlier, clear aligners for teeth are also commonly called ‘invisible braces’. Like the name suggests, they truly are invisible. This makes it easy for you to discreetly fix your teeth without worrying about metal braces taking over your smile during conference calls. Additionally, aligners are removable. You can take them off anytime to eat, brush your teeth, or drink anything other than cool water.

But there’s more to it than pure convenience.


The Zoom Effect.

Working from home has its advantages, but it can take a toll on your self-esteem. Spending hours looking at your pixelated self during conference calls will ultimately force you to point out the tiniest of flaws. In other words, the more time you spend looking at yourself and noticing others looking at you too, the more conscious you become of the way you look.

“Becoming more conscious about your double chin or smile can affect self-confidence and incite more intense doubts about physical appearance and make you feel as if you need facial reconstruction in order to look better.”
Dr. Martina Paglia, Director of the International Psychology Clinic in London

Because of this, people begin seeking cosmetic treatments and solutions to upgrade certain features of their face. One of the most common cases is young adults fixing a gap or crowding in their teeth while working from home. Ultimately, this would give them a confidence boost and get them ready for the “outside” world again.

In times of a pandemic – with limited options available and little spending – investing in a new and healthier smile from home will feel incredibly rewarding.


Mental health in times of a pandemic.

Zoom calls aren’t the only hiccup affecting adults. The global pandemic has also forced everyone to disrupt very ordinary behaviors.

Shaking hands, hugging friends, going to work, grabbing a door-handle, or simply touching your face, are now labelled as “risky” behaviors. Consequently, the pandemic has provoked a spike in stress levels, anxiety, and depressive disorders. This emotional stress has also triggered acute physical symptoms – like teeth grinding and jaw pain. The American Dental Association conducted an internal study and found that both teeth grinding and clenching have increased by 59%, chipped and cracked teeth by 53%, and jaw pain by 53%.

The rise in dental problems and the restrictions set during lockdowns encouraged people to rely on remote consultation and treatments. The virtues of remote dental care are plenty.  First, it can be easily plugged into your daily routine without compromising your schedule or putting yourself at risk. Second, it isn’t bound by location; you can check-in from anywhere in the world and schedule a professional medical consult from your couch. Third, this form of accessible self-care can offer a silver lining during uncertain times. Knowing that you can properly care for yourself from home, with expert help a click away, is a blessing in disguise.


Straight teeth. Healthy smile.

Teeth straightening offers benefits that go beyond a confidence boost. A simple correction in the position of your teeth also guarantees important health benefits. Straighter teeth means healthier gums, reduced jaw pain, better digestion, and less chance for tooth decay and plaque to settle. That said, teeth alignment from home will significantly boost your overall health – alongside other self-care routines.

While clear aligners for teeth are revolutionizing the world of dental care and making it more accessible, it isn’t a one size fits all. Most at-home orthodontic treatments can only fix mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. The more severe cases usually require more elaborate dental solutions and a visit to the clinic.


Privacy, guaranteed.

As convenient and discreet as aligners may be, many still prefer to wear them in the privacy of their homes. Taking them off, brushing them, and putting them back on – at work or at a restaurant – can feel awkward when other people are around. Being at home most of the time now, you can peacefully work on that new smile without worrying about exposing the “less” pleasant side of it. It’s a win-win situation, if you ask us.


Long story short; the New Normal is here to stay -for a while- and the world needs to move with the tide. As technology keeps taking huge leaps forward, healthcare has become more accessible when people need it most. So, let’s take a leap too.

It all starts with small acts of courage and trust. It starts with one aligner at a time.

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