Getting a healthy smile with BASMA aligners is the best investment you can make this year.

But while you’re working on that new smile, make sure you also give your aligners the care they deserve. Here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing BASMA aligners.

DO: Wash your aligners daily

It’s important to keep your aligners clean and fresh throughout the day.

  • Rinse them with cool water when you take them off
  • Clean your aligners with a brush and some toothpaste twice a day

DO: Wear a new step at night

Your treatment will be based on a number of aligners. Each aligner is a step that you will have to wear for two weeks before moving to the next one. This will ensure that your teeth reach the desired alignment. You may experience some pressure in the first few hours of wearing a new step. That’s why we recommend switching to a new pair of aligners at night to let your teeth comfortably adjust while you sleep.

DO: Wear the right steps

Every new aligner in your kit is marked with the step number that corresponds to the stage in your treatment. Make sure you read that number carefully before putting on the new aligners. Wearing the wrong step can mess up the alignment progress of your teeth.

DO: Use your chewies to adjust aligners

Wearing new aligners can feel tight in the first few hours. You may need to apply extra pressure to set them in properly, and that’s where chewies come in. Bite down on these soft white cylinders to help your aligners sit correctly over your teeth and bring you extra comfort!

DO: Wear your retainers after treatment

Retainers are designed to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their old position once treatment ends.
To help maintain your new smile, we include a free retainer in your aligner kit. Make sure you wear them every day for 6 months straight. After that, you can keep them in only while sleeping.

DON’T: Take off aligners from the front or with sharp objects

To take off your aligners, use both index fingers and gently pull them out from the back first before working your way to the front. As simple as that!

DON’T: Throw away your old aligners

Accidents happen, and you may lose a step from your treatment kit. Don’t worry, we’ll print and send you a new one to your home. In the meantime though, you’ll need to keep the process going and not miss a day without wearing aligners. That’s why it’s important to not throw your old steps away!

DON’T: Wrap your aligners in a napkin

One way of losing an aligner is wrapping it in a napkin while eating or drinking and then absent-mindedly tossing that napkin away. Yikes. To make sure that never happens, use the BASMA aligner case included in your kit to keep your aligners safe and sound.

DON’T: Wash your aligners with hot water

Putting aligners in contact with hot water can ruin their shape by distorting the plastic. When this happens, your aligner won’t fit properly over your teeth – so make sure you keep the cleaning extra cool.

DON’T: Skip a day of wearing aligners

The golden rule: never skip a day of wearing aligners. They should be a worn a minimum of 22 hours every day, for as long as treatment lasts, to make sure you get the desired alignment promised in the 3D simulation we send you.

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