Also called clear aligners, invisible braces are clear plastic trays that fit perfectly your teeth and move them safely in small steps to their correct position in an average of 6 months.

Teeth straightening treatments are quickly changing and becoming more convenient and more affordable than ever. Invisible aligners are replacing metal braces, and with that, awkward smiles too. Clear aligners are almost invisible in the mouth and treatments can be done without clinical visits.

It’s time to say goodbye to wires and pain and time to welcome at-home invisible aligners.


What are invisible braces?

Basma invisible braces, also called clear aligners, are clear plastic trays that fit perfectly over your teeth and safely move them in small steps to their correct position. All in an average of 6 months. Our invisible braces are made with the highest quality, food-grade elastic-plastic (and they’re BPA, phthalate, and paraben-free!)

Your Basma treatment includes several sets of custom-made invisible braces that you wear and changes every two weeks. Each invisible aligner in your treatment is designed to slightly move your teeth one step closer to your desired smile.


How do they move your teeth?

It starts with a good impression. Taking impressions is quick and easy. You’ll use the at-home impression kit to take the shape of your teeth and send them back to us with some pictures. Next, our orthodontists will study your impressions and use the latest software to plot how your teeth will move, step by step, to produce a 3D view of your smile before and after aligners. For every step needed in your treatment, you will receive a set of invisible braces.

Not anyone can design aligner treatments. That’s why we only have certified orthodontists working to design the perfect Basma clear aligner treatment for you. Each aligner is printed, cut, and polished to perfectly fit your teeth.


How are invisible braces better than braces?

  • Fully online: Our orthodontists are involved in your treatment every step of the way. After evaluating your case and designing your treatment plan, they’ll continue to monitor your progress to make sure that your treatment is going according to plan. You will check in your progress on your account every month for our orthodontists to check.
  • More affordable: By removing unnecessary clinical visits, we’re cutting the cost of visiting an orthodontist and passing on the savings to you. Basma invisible braces are 65% the cost of traditional metal braces and in-clinic aligners. We have one price for all. There’s a one-time payment option or monthly installments. No matter what you choose, it’s still more affordable than braces.
  • More convenient: Because you are free to take them out to eat or whenever needed, invisible braces are the best option for people who prefer not to wear traditional metal braces all the time. If you don’t have time for clinical visits or you find yourself traveling often, we can get you the smile you’ve always wanted using clear aligners and through our teledentistry online service. And the pain that comes with braces? You can forget about it with invisible aligners since they’re custom made and cut to fit your teeth perfectly. 

Invisible aligners work best for those with mild to moderate teeth misalignment, including gaps and crowding. Braces correct more severe issues, like overbite and underbite, and help treat jaw disorders.


Where do I start?

If you’re over 18 and not satisfied with the alignment of your teeth, then you could be a great candidate for Basma’s invisible aligners. Getting started is risk-free. Take the free 30-second Basma survey to find out if you qualify. Then, let us guide you on how to take your impressions after ordering an impression kit to complete at home. You’ll get to see a 3D view of your new smile and how it transformed. You’re ready to start when you are.

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