During your remote digital treatment, you’ll be getting the highest standard of dental care from the Basma team right from your home.


Maybe you’re searching online for solutions to align your teeth. Maybe you’ve decided to start your journey with Basma and you’re wondering where to begin. With the help of our doctors, we’ve gathered the benefits and advantages of remote dental treatments where you receive your invisible braces treatment right at home.

How do the doctors monitor your smile?

All our doctors are highly experienced in the field of orthodontics and will be with you through every step of your journey.

Every smile is unique.

That’s why our doctors individually analyze each case to determine whether it can be treated with invisible aligners. Based on your impressions and the photos of your teeth, the doctors will be able to design your treatment and send you a custom 3D view of your new smile.

After you approve and receive your aligners, your treating doctor will be able to remotely follow up on your progress throughout your treatment.

How will they be able to do that? Every month, or at the end of every 2 steps in your treatment, you will need to upload a few progress pictures of your teeth to your account. Through these images, the doctors will be able to check if your treatment is going according to plan.

At any point during your journey, you can connect with your doctor through your account for any questions and concerns that you may have.


Who are the Basma doctors?

Dr. Cherif Massoud, the founder and head orthodontist at Basma, is an experienced orthodontist with over 10 years of experience. He has treated thousands of patients with both invisible braces and traditional metal braces.

He understands how important it is to get the best dental care during treatment, so he created a team of highly experienced doctors to make sure that Basma clients get the best treatments.

Not any doctor can design a new smile. Our orthodontists are specialized in invisible braces and most importantly, the movement of teeth.

Each one of our cases will be assigned to and led by an experienced orthodontist who will be remotely monitoring the treatment from start to finish. To get you that beautiful smile, they will be designing your custom treatment plan which is the way your teeth will move over the course of a few short months.

From the time you take your first impression all the way to the last aligner you wear, we will be with you every step of the way.


Why remote treatment?

Most people find that remote dental treatment is the easier and more convenient way to straighten your teeth. We are bringing an innovative solution to the orthodontic industry to allow everyone access to the dental care that they deserve.

Not only does it allow us to make orthodontic care accessible to more people, but it also allows us to cut the overhead cost that you pay at clinics to offer our customers a more affordable price. This puts our treatment at a price that is 65% less than metal braces or traditional in-clinic aligners.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile and we’re proud to be innovators in the remote dental industry in the region. Through our doctor network and the invisible braces treatment that we provide, we will be able to bring healthier and more beautiful smiles to more people in an easy, safe, and fast way.


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