We’ve taken the complicated out of straightening teeth, and our Basma aligner kit is here to prove it. 

Getting a clear aligner treatment shouldn’t feel like a burden, ever. That’s why our process is designed to include only the essentials. Once you’ve reached the treatment phase and gotten your Basma aligner kit, here’s what to expect while unboxing it.

Your different sets of aligners

Depending on your case, we’ll design a number of aligners that you’ll need to wear and replace every 2 weeks, for as long as your treatment lasts. Since your teeth will shift over time, you’ll need new aligners to match the changes and help them shift closer to the final result. To make sure you don’t lose track, we place every aligner in a small pack labeled with a number (step 1, step 2, step 3 etc.).


Every aligner in your package is also numbered on the side.
Every aligner in your package is also numbered on the side.


Your aligner case

To make sure your treatment is successful, you’ll need to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours every day. Only take them off while eating or drinking anything other than water.

When you do take them off, you’ll need to store them safely. That’s what the aligner case is for. Its compact size is perfect to drop it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. Do not, we repeat, do not keep your aligners wrapped in a napkin – unless you want them to end up in the trash can!


Basma aligner case
The Basma aligner case is great for keeping your aligners clean when you take them off.


Your chewies

You may experience some pressure or tightness when you first wear aligners – especially with a new pair. That’s why we’ve created chewies; they’re soft cylinders, made of spongy silicone, that’ll help ease any soreness or discomfort while adjusting the aligners in your mouth. Put a chewie in your mouth and gently bite on it for a good minute as if it was gum. Repeat that process once a day until the soreness fades.


Chewies are a great way to ease the pressure from aligners.
Chewies are great to use once a day, for a minute, to ease any discomfort from the aligners.

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