Your Basma aligners are finally with you – but what happens now? 

As exciting as it may be to watch your smile transform, wearing invisible aligners will take some getting used to. It’s nothing you can’t handle though. Here are a few tips to get you started on a smooth note.


Upgrade your mindset 

First things first, it’s important that you put yourself in the right mindset. You’ll be covering your teeth with a plastic device for 22 hours a day, over a few months, and taking them off every time you need to eat or drink. This takes patience and discipline. However, like any treatment, it’s worth it at the end!

Change aligners at night

Every new set of aligners that you wear will feel tighter in the first few hours. We recommend you replace them at night to let your teeth adjust comfortably while you sleep.

Chew on your chewies

As mentioned, every new set could feel a little tight or sore in the first few hours or days. This is completely normal. Use your chewies every day for a minute and bite down on them while wearing your new aligners. This will ease any discomfort you may feel. Chewies will also help adjust your aligners into place.

Brush your teeth in between meals

Be extra strict with your oral hygiene during treatment! We recommend you brush your teeth and then pop back your aligners in, after every meal. This’ll prevent any food particles from getting stuck in your aligners and causing a build-up of stains or smell.

Wash your aligners every day

Speaking of oral hygiene, you’ll also need to keep your Basma aligners clean with some basic habits:

  • Run them under cold water a few times a day
  • Clean them with a brush and some toothpaste twice a day

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