Were you thinking about aligning your teeth but decided to postpone it due to its cost? Now, while reading this, you’re wondering whether in you’ll finally have the perfect smile you’ve always wanted this year. Well, the answer is yes!

Here are 6 reasons why Basma aligners are right for you: 


Your perfect smile? We’ll take care of it

To kick off the treatment, we’ll need to see what your smile looks like now. That is why you will need to order the impression kit that will arrive at your doorstep. Once we have your teeth impressions, our doctors, who hold many years of experience, will be able to design a custom treatment plan just for you!


Basma aligners cost 65% less than any other treatment

By using Basma invisible aligners, you will be getting the most suitable and cost-saving treatment for you, starting from a monthly fee of 1365 SAR ($300). You also have the option of paying all at once with a fee of 6399 SAR ($1,703)


Basma aligners are safe and effective

Be assured that the aligner treatment is not harmful in any way, and in case you don’t qualify, our doctors will directly inform you and refund your money. So don’t waste this opportunity and take the first step into your journey with Basma aligners!


Your safety, our priority

Because we care about the health of your teeth and your safety, we make sure to take all precautionary measures while working, especially with the spread of COVID-19. Our team, and especially the manufacturing department, is taking all necessary measures for our patients’ safety. And due to social distancing, you won’t need to visit the clinic. Instead, you will experience a remote treatment where all your contact with Basma doctors will be online. With Basma, you will be able to align your teeth from home in an easy and quick way.


Smile confidently

After attaining the perfect smile with Basma aligners, you will be smiling confidently every day! The perfect smile will improve your social life. After completing the treatment in only 6 months, you’ll smile more often with your aligned, bright smile!


Enjoy a brighter smile

Studies have shown that smiling improves the secretion of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins in the brain. Meaning that your blood pressure will decrease, making you feel more rested, less stressed, and happier. Smile now and let everyone see your white bright smile!


During the past 3 years, the Basma team has conducted several experiments to make sure of the effectiveness of the alignment treatment with the transparent aligners, and the possibility of switching to braces. Over 2000 transparent aligners have been designed and sold. After these amazing results Basma users have reached, their trust in our product improved, and today it is your turn to experience our product!

What are you waiting for?

Go get that perfect smile; there’s no more reason not to.

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