6 facts about clear aligners.

We've heard some pretty unusual talk around clear aligners, and we're here to debunk the myths. 

What’s inside a Basma aligner kit?

We've taken the complicated out of straightening teeth, and our Basma aligner box is here to prove it. 

How to break into your Basma aligners.

Your Basma aligners are finally with you - but what happens now? 

Invisalign, explained.

Invisalign is often mistakenly used as a general term for clear aligners. While they all may look identical, there are big differences to point out.

Do invisible aligners hurt?

Aligners are super gentle on the teeth, but they may cause mild discomfort in the first hours or days of wearing them. That's totally normal, and we've got some easy hacks to maintain your comfort! 

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are clear plastic trays that fit perfectly your teeth and move them safely in small steps to their correct position in an average of 6 months.