What are malocclusions?

Whether at a young age or later in life, you've probably suffered  from some sort of malocclusion. Here's what it means. 

What’s inside a Basma aligner kit?

We've taken the complicated out of straightening teeth, and our Basma aligner box is here to prove it. 

Are you brushing your teeth right?

Yes, you heard us. Brushing your teeth is pretty basic, but you'd be surprised of the mistakes you make. 

How to break into your Basma aligners.

Your Basma aligners are finally with you - but what happens now? 

Embracing Telehealth today

Technology has launched us into unimaginable grounds. One of its greatest feats was connecting people to quality healthcare from the comfort of home, with the click of a button. That's what Telehealth is all about. 

Invisalign, explained.

Invisalign is often mistakenly used as a general term for clear aligners. While they all may look identical, there are big differences to point out.

What if scenarios: Basma answers your concerns

At Basma, we believe in straight talk. So, here it goes. 

Things to keep in mind before starting a Basma treatment

Thinking of getting a healthier smile with Basma? Here are a few things to get out of the way before starting your invisible aligner treatment. 

Teeth and digestion: what’s the link?

How can your teeth affect your digestive system? The answer's right here. 

Why teeth shift with age

Whether you've undergone dental work or not, you may have noticed your teeth shifting out of place over the years. Rest assured, this is perfectly common with age. Too much shifting, though, can cause underlying problems - and that's when a dental checkup would be a good idea.