Everything you need to get your pearly whites shining brighter is packed in the Basma whitening kit. Clinically tested, gentle on the teeth, and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, our whitening treatment will get you the results you want in just a few days. 


What’s in the kit

A Basma whitening kit includes two whitening pens (1ml), each lasting you approximately ten days, and a LED accelerator with its own travel case. 


How it works

The whitening pens are the first step to getting a brighter smile. Enamel-safe and mess-free, you’ll use them to coat your teeth with clinically tested whitening gel. We’ve designed each pen to last you around 10 days.

When you’ve coated your teeth with the whitening gel, place the LED accelerator tray in your mouth for 20 minutes to boost results. Packed in its own travel case, the LED tray has its own power cord so you can plug it to your smartphone and use it wherever and whenever. 

As mentioned, one whitening pen will last you approximately 10 days. We recommend you whiten your teeth daily for seven days, and then pause for a month to see how the result will hold up. Results can last up to 90 days.

Finally, make sure you use the Basma whitening kit as directed to get the best results; these may vary from user to user.


Basma whitening pens


Things to keep in mind

Before you get started, here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • Our whitening kit does not whiten veneers and it may discolor your dental bonding or fillings if you have any.
  • Avoid colored drinks like tea or coffee; they’re both known to stain teeth if consumed excessively.
  • Just like coffee, cigarettes can stain your teeth and eventually delay the whitening treatment. Having said that, it’s better to avoid it!
  • You can use the whitening kit while undergoing an invisible aligner treatment at Basma. It won’t interfere with the results.

Boost your smile with an extra shine.

Whiten your teeth on-the-go, from the comfort of home,
and watch your smile light up in under 10 days.

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