The world is growing more unpredictable by the day and with new challenges coming our way, we have to look out for ourselves and others. That’s what the global ‘Movember’ movement’s all about.


Movember explained

Movember is a global movement of men growing their mustaches during the month of November. The purpose is to raise awareness around men’s physical and mental health. According to the Movember platform:

“Globally, men die on average six years earlier than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. But it doesn’t have to be that way: we can all take action to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.”

70% of men say their friends can rely on them for support, but only 48% say that they rely on their friends.”

Cultures around the world have traditionally raised men to shy away from emotions and hide their pain because they’re considered to be signs of ‘weakness’. Growing mustaches, though, was often seen as a sign of virility and power, especially in Middle Eastern communities [2]. Thanks to the Movember movement, men across cultures are breaking this stigma of weakness. They want to prove that asking for help doesn’t take away the masculinity and worth of a man. How do they do that? By growing a mustache.


The importance of men(tal) health

Support and self-care during those difficult times are absolutely crucial. As human beings, we have to keep empowering the ones around us. More importantly, we have to keep empowering ourselves.

Here are a few insights to carry with you, and to share with your loved ones [1].


Surround yourself with the right people

Human beings are social beings. We couldn’t have reached where we are today without our instinctive need for community and togetherness. That’s why it’s important to always stay connected to (the right) friends, make time to catch up, and spend time with them. Surrounding yourself with the right people will make you feel more successful, confident, and secure. You’ll simply feel better overall!


Stay active

Staying physically active has many health benefits, including boosted immunity, better blood flow, and feeling happier. When you’re running, cycling, walking long distances, or working out at the gym, your body releases endorphins – also known as ‘happy hormones’. They make you feel more relaxed, content, and even increase your tolerance to pain!

Long story short: Try to make time every day for activities that move your body.


Talk and open up

Having someone trustworthy who listens to you when you’re feeling down or facing a problem can be life-changing, and even life-saving. Addressing a problem vocally can:

  • Release some built-up tension or anger
  • Help you see the problem more clearly
  • Give you new insights or a fresh perspective
  • Make you feel less alone [3]

At Basma, we put our patients’ health and safety above all else. For this Movember, we hope you do the same for yourself; reach out, talk more, and get yourself checked. Remember, you’re never alone. Check out one of our team member’s story on our Instagram page.



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