As you probably guessed it by now, we love talking about teeth and how to keep them healthy. One (obvious) pillar of a good dental care routine is brushing twice and daily – but that’s not all. The choice of toothbrush makes all the difference too! 

Here’s why you should ditch your manual brush for an electric one like the BASMA ProCare


More deep cleaning

Electric toothbrushes are equipped with a frequency vibration technology that allows for deeper cleaning. In fact, studies show that those vibrations can remove up to 21% more plaque than regular toothbrushes. And the more plaque you eliminate, the healthier your mouth will be – i.e., less risk of gum disease, cavities, and eventually tooth loss (in severe cases).

But that’s not all. Unlike manual toothbrushes, electric ones tend to have pointier and narrower bristles. Combine that with the vibration technology, you start creating micro-movements around your teeth that eventually lead to more targeted cleaning.

The BASMA ProCare has 4 different cleaning modes – each one catering to a specific type of care to help boost your oral health from all angles.


Clean: High-frequency full vibration to efficiently clean out food residues and plaque.
White: Variable frequency vibration technology to whiten the front tooth surfaces.
Polish: High frequency, narrow, and continuous vibration to polish tooth surfaces.
Gum care: Soft frequency conversion to massage, stabilize, and strengthen the gums.
The BASMA ProCare also comes with 2 brush heads that you can conveniently use and replace every 3 months. Look out for a flashing light when you turn on your electric toothbrush; this light signals that it’s time to switch heads!

Reduces risk of gum recession

Now that we laid out the importance of deep cleaning, it’s time to move on to the right brushing technique.

A good technique is when you get the toothbrush close enough to the gums without scrubbing too hard. Brushing with force can lead to gum recession (gingivitis) which in turn causes tooth sensitivity or damage and inflammation.

That’s where an electric toothbrush like ours comes in handy. The BASMA ProCare is equipped with a gentle cleaning mode (gum care) to help you properly brush nd massage your gums. Additionally, depending on how sensitive your teeth and gums are, you can customize the brushing force by choosing one of 9 different strength levels.


Convenient for people with physical limitations

The automation behind an electric toothbrush means that it does most of the work for you. This is an ideal feature for anyone dealing with limited mobility, like arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and some forms of disabilities.


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