Did you know that misaligned teeth can directly affect your dental health and structure? A simple correction in the position of your teeth will not only enhance your smile, it’ll also positively impact your gum tissue and overall bite. If you have crooked teeth, here’s why you should consider getting an orthodontic treatment with BASMA.com. 


Crooked teeth can lead to gum disease.

Crooked teeth are harder to clean because they’re either too crowded or overlapped. In other words, it gets harder to floss and fully eliminate food particles trapped in between teeth. This can cause bacteria to build up – leading to cavities, plaque formation, and gum disease.

Gum disease appears when a large amount of plaque and tartar begins to form on the surface of teeth. When left untreated, the bacteria found in plaque or tartar will start attacking the gum tissue and weaken it. The weak tissue will then start to pull away from the teeth and make it easier for bacteria to access and harm the root of teeth. At that point,  symptoms of periodontal (gum) disease and gum recession begin to appear, and they include: tooth sensitivity and pain when consuming cold/hot foods and beverages, inflammation, and bleeding.


Crooked teeth can affect your bite.

A crooked smile may also affect your bite by creating uneven stress on your teeth. This can lead to excess wear and tear, tooth chipping, jaw strain, or sometimes earaches and headaches. In addition, an uneven bite may interfere with proper chewing. Straightened teeth will reduce that uneven stress and make it easier to break down the food you consume – therefore improving digestion and alleviating any muscle pain or ache.


BASMA aligners can fix your smile.

BASMA teeth aligners can treat mild to moderate cases of crowding and spacing in as little as 6 months. Since patient safety is our top concern, every candidate has to go through a careful assessment on the BASMA Telehealth platform before starting treatment. This will help our orthodontists determine if our aligners are right for the candidate, and if they need to get any dental work done beforehand.

In short, straightening your teeth is key to securing good oral and dental health. With BASMA, you can safely and conveniently get a new smile to keep your mouth in optimal shape. If you’re thinking of getting an aligner treatment, take our short survey to see if you’re a potential candidate.

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