We’re happy to announce our latest pre-treatment feature to help you kick off your BASMA journey. If you’re in Dubai, you can now book a visit at our first partner clinic to get a 3D scan of your teeth!

Before starting your treatment, we’ll need to check the shape of your teeth to determine if BASMA invisible aligners are right for you. And we’ve designed a 3-step assessment to do just that:

  1. Taking a 30-second online survey
  2. Uploading pictures of your teeth
  3. Completing your teeth measurements

Step 3 is the most important step; we’ll use your teeth measurements to create your unique set of invisible aligners. And you can complete your measurements today in one of two ways. Both options are equally convenient; the only difference is that you get to choose where to complete that last step.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers getting things done at home, then you’ll love our initial feature: the BASMA impression kit. Simply order the kit online and we’ll deliver it to you in a few days so you can take your own teeth impressions at home in 30 minutes. The kit includes a fully detailed guide for you to follow, and we offer full customer support if needed. Try it out, and you’ll see how convenient it is!

Alternatively, if you’d rather get an in-clinic assessment then you’re also in luck. We now provide a brand-new option: the “Book a scan” feature. It’s a 30-minute visit and a one-time trip to our partner clinic in Dubai. Once done, you can begin your BASMA treatment at full convenience.


How an in-clinic scan works

Our partner clinic uses intraoral 3D scanners to get an accurate reading of your teeth in just 15 minutes. Once you get to the clinic, a licensed specialist captures several images of your teeth. These images are then combined into a 3D dental impression that you can watch unfold in front of you on a computer screen. Your scan is then sent to our labs so we can evaluate the shape of your teeth, and ultimately design your invisible aligners.

Thinking of booking your visit? The steps are easy:

  1. Head to basma.com and choose the clinic in Dubai
  2. Select your preferred date and time
  3. Enter your basic information and submit

You’ll receive an email confirmation with details for the next steps. Once your booking is confirmed, you can expect a quick visit at the BASMA clinic for a scan. In addition to taking scans of your teeth, the licensed specialist will conduct a checkup of your oral health and advise if any other treatments are required.