Did you know that straight teeth give you more than just a confidence boost? Here are 6 surprising reasons why getting a new smile with BASMA aligners will improve your health! 


1. Better cleaning

Because of the uneven spaces they create, misaligned teeth become harder to clean and floss. Food particles get easily trapped and this can lead to plaque buildup. Straight teeth, on the other hand, make it easy to floss and brush out any residues or bacteria.


2. Healthier teeth

The cleaner your teeth are, the healthier they become. As mentioned, food trapped in your teeth can lead to plaque buildup. This increases the risk of cavities and tooth decay. You can avoid that problem with BASMA aligners. Not only will straight teeth make it easier to clean out food residue, but you’ll also get in the habit of brushing and flossing after meals and before putting your aligners back on. You can learn more about life with aligners right here.


3. Healthier gums

Gum disease is another possible consequence of crooked teeth. The bacteria that builds up from improper flossing and brushing can weaken gum tissue and cause inflammation. A straight smile will significantly reduce that bacteria buildup around the gum tissue. But that’s not all; aligning your teeth will also help your gums fit better around them!


4. Reduced pressure 

Crooked teeth can cause uneven stress and pressure when you bite down on them, resulting in excess wear and tear, tooth chipping, jaw strain, or sometimes even earaches and headaches. With straight teeth, you’ll save yourself a lot of discomfort and pains. Aligned teeth can also alleviate any bite problems you may have and even help with better chewing!


5. Improved speech

Crowded, protruding, or spaced teeth can affect your speech patterns. Straight teeth will help with that. You may notice some pressure on your teeth when wearing a new pair of aligners, and that can make speaking feel slightly awkward but that feeling will quickly fade out!


6. Better overall health

Did you know you can also improve your overall health with straight teeth? Studies have linked poor dental health to chronic jaw pain, diabetes, heart disease, and more. That’s why it’s so important to take extra good care of your smile through teeth alignment, dental cleanings, and regular brushing and flossing.

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