Spaced teeth are a very common case that we treat at BASMA. Find out how right here.


What is spacing?

In medical terms, spacing is considered as a Class I malocclusion. It’s a very common complaint that we see in BASMA patients. This occurs when you have more space in your jaw than your teeth can fill. That said, people who deal with this condition either have a gap between two front teeth or too much spacing between a few teeth/ all teeth.


The causes of spacing

Genetics or habits picked up over time can cause mild to severe cases of spacing. We outline those causes below.

  1. Genetics:
    Your teeth could be too small to fill your entire jaw. Alternatively, your gum tissue might have thick bands that cause gaps.
  2. Habits:
    Thumb sucking from childhood or tongue thrusting can cause teeth to move apart over time.


Why you should treat spacing

When left untreated, spaced teeth can impact your overall health. Here are a few possible consequences you may experience:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Difficulty with chewing and speaking
  • Difficulty with brushing teeth
  • Plaque buildup


How BASMA treats spacing

At BASMA, we use invisible aligners to treat mild to moderate cases of spaced teeth. Aligners gently apply pressure on your teeth to close the gap between them and bring them back to correct alignment. Check out two case studies of patients who successfully treated the spacing in their teeth with BASMA aligners!

Case 1

Case 2

Both cases had a treatment time of 10 months, and 20 aligners in total were required to reach desired alignment. If you’d like to see more success stories from customers, you can head to our results page. 

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