Crowded teeth come with several pitfalls that can affect your oral health. Here’s how BASMA aligners can safely and conveniently straighten a crooked smile. 


What is crowding?

In a nutshell, crowding occurs when your jaw size cannot accommodate all your teeth. A smaller jaw size means that they have to compete for space and this results in crooked or twisted teeth. No two crowding cases are the same, and at BASMA, we see a range of differences between one patient and another.


What happens if you don’t treat crowding?

Teeth are dynamic body parts; they’re in a constant state of movement. So, when left untreated, crowded teeth will keep fighting for space and trigger new problems to deal with – including poorer oral health.

Crooked teeth are, in fact, harder to clean and floss. This causes food residues to get trapped and bacteria to build up around your gum tissue. The earlier you can treat your crowding, the fewer problems you will encounter over time.


How BASMA treats crowding

To treat your crowded teeth, you need to give them more jaw space. BASMA orthodontists do that by designing a set of aligners that will first shift your molars to create that extra space and then apply pressure on your crowded teeth to move them into new alignment! Check out the following two cases of BASMA patients who successfully treated their crowding:


Case 1

Treatment time: 11 months

Number of aligners: 22 aligners

Case 2

Treatment time: 10 months

Number of aligners: 20 aligners

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