Prepping for college graduation? Getting ready for your wedding day? Landing an exciting new job? The next milestones in your life are coming up and we’re here to help make them more memorable. 

Let’s paint a picture for you…

It’s your graduation day. They’re calling out your name any second now and when they do, everyone applauds. With a racing heart, you stand up, head to the podium, and get your diploma. At that moment, you pause, turn to the camera, and flash a big, bright smile. The audience cheers you on.

Fast forward two years, and there you are: pitching your startup idea to a board of investors. When you end your presentation and look at their nodding heads, your pearly white teeth break out into a confident grin.

Hit that forward button at double speed and you’re now celebrating your wedding day.

You’re standing in front of your significant other, all while surrounded by friends and family looking at you both in adoration. The camera flashes are lighting up the room to capture every moment. Once the rings are exchanged and the ceremony ends, you both turn to the audience and conclude this beautiful union with a perfect and bright smile.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Now, picture yourself being so anxious about how your teeth will look on one of the most important days of your life that you forget to properly celebrate it. You don’t want that.


The future’s looking bright

Your smile, like your greatest milestones, can be transformational. It can connect strangers, turn tears into laughter, and empower you to become your most confident self. We’d like to think that we can have a small part to play in it; as an invisible friend letting your grin take over every room you walk into. If you’re dealing with a crooked smile that is holding you back from being the most confident and driven version of yourself, then look no further! 

A simple correction in the position of your teeth can do wonders to your self-esteem, and even to your health. But traditional dental solutions proved to all of us how uncomfortable and impractical they can be. That’s where BASMA’s clear teeth aligners come in – the modern and affordable alternative to the much-dreaded metal braces.

Aligners are removable, painless, and completely invisible. They’ll seamlessly perfect your smile in just a few short months without interrupting your daily life and plans for the future.

Dental care should never feel like a burden or, better yet, a waste of time. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, an entrepreneur, a student, or a working parent, don’t delay your new smile any further. They say that a smile is the best make-up anyone can wear, and there’s a reason why!

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