Ever wake up in the morning with throbbing pain in your jaw due to teeth grinding? Ever wonder what the impact of long-term teeth grinding is? BASMA has your answer below!

Teeth grinding is common amongst most people, and it’s even more common for it to become a habit. You might not even be aware of this until it happens and the pain starts kicking in .. BUT do not stress! Here are some of the ways you can get yourself to stop this habit. 

What causes teeth grinding during sleep?

  • Stress from your surrounding environment may indirectly cause you to grind your teeth as a result of bottled-up tension.
  • Believe it or not, your personality can play a part in how you choose to de-stress. If your character type is competitive, hyperactive, or even lively in some ways then your choice of de-stressing might be through teeth grinding.
  • Family genes play an important role and you might have inherited this habit from a family member. Read more here.
  • Certain medications could also cause you to grind on your teeth.

What are the harms of teeth grinding?

  • Chipped, broken, or worn-away teeth.
  • Weakness and hypersensitivity.
  • Temporomandibular joint disease; acts like a sliding joint, connecting your jawbone to your skull. 
  • Constant headaches or migraines.

What is the role of a mouth guard in relieving pressure due to teeth grinding?

Mouth guards even out the pressure across your jaw and create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage. They’re rubber or plastic and can be customized to fit your mouth perfectly. We provide BASMA night guards that are designed to protect your teeth from getting chipped or damaged by the grinding pressure, and provide long-lasting relief.

Using BASMA night guards could also:

  • Protect your mouth from any complications on the jaws and bones such as Temporomandibular joint disease.
  • Reduce pressure on the teeth and protecting them from erosion or cracking. 
  • Prevent dull morning headaches.

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