Right about now it goes without saying that laughter truly IS the best medicine. Why, you ask? Well for starters, laughter releases endorphins making us feel that much better. It is also said that all good things begin and end with laughter. Continue reading to find out about our life hacks and more about BASMA aligners.

Laughter makes the world go round

Here at BASMA.com we go by the saying “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”, mostly because we specialize in setting your teeth straight, but we’re also pretty dandy when it comes to advice. So here’s life hack #1: Laughter can significantly reduce your stress levels. The simple act of laughter reduces cortisol and adrenaline; hormones that are usually responsible for making you feel anxious. In turn as these hormones decrease, the levels of endorphins increase and the “feel good” sensation begins to kick in at full swing.

Long-term effects

Laughter isn’t a quick pick-me-up, there have been studies that prove laughter and smiling can help you live longer. Life hack #2: Take most things with a grain of salt .. Laughter should add that zest to your life, even through the toughest kinds of confrontations, problems, and general bitterness that one might experience at times. Add to that, laughter relieves physical tension from the muscles. Just how laughing would help keep you in tip-top shape for the long-run, being confident enough to laugh out loud while showing off those straight pearly whites add to that serotonin boost! Laughter is made easier through our BASMA aligners, and if you need that extra push read more here.

BASMA aligners

We kept the most important life hack for last; our BASMA aligners. Believe it or not, many of people refrain from letting out their laugh due to being insecure. These insecurities could be anything from: crowded teeth, spaced teeth, crooked teeth, and misalignment of their jaw. Our mission is to spread smiles, we want to see our customers happy! Better yet, we want them showing off their BASMA and we want them to look like the most confident version of themselves while doing so. BASMA.com offers a convenient, affordable, and practical way of fixing teeth without the hassle of weekly/monthly visits to the dentists. We’ve also partnered up with licensed orthodontists that are ready to study your case and customize a plan just for you! We strongly believe that nothing should stop you from letting out that laughter, let us be the reason for you to begin again.

Read up on how BASMA aligners could help fix your teeth and let’s bring back the laughter once more!